A Stress Reduction Tip for Teens

After recently taking a vacation where there was no access to internet, and no good way to use a smart phone (other than as a camera and to play music), I realized my stress level was much lower.  When I got back from vacation I had to use the phone and internet of course, but I decided to still avoid the extras.  I haven’t been on social media, keeping up with the news, or even been checking the weather (I realize I was annoyed at the upcoming weather if it wasn’t a perfect 75 degrees).  All the information we can access is a blessing and a great tool, but not if we allow it to make us wish today were different.  We only have what’s right in front of us, and that is hard to enjoy if we’re constantly comparing to others on social media, angry about what’s in the news, or anticipating a less than temperate day.


Here’s a quick video of thoughts on taking a break from electronics:


A stress reducing tip for teens.

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