Don’t Enable Your Teen’s Bad Behavior

I write this post on the heels of a week of talking frankly to parents in my office about allowing their children to experience natural consequences.  In this era of everybody gets a trophy, we’ve all grown soft enough to believe that even a little pain can traumatize.  In actuality, pain leads to character growth.  One of the most painful experiences of my younger years was being told I would have to pay my own college tuition.  Out of that came hustle, work ethic, focus, determination, and an appreciation for my education.  If it had been handed to me I know I wouldn’t have developed the grit I have today.

Don’t enable your teen’s bad behavior.

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Sadly, it goes beyond not allowing kids to have natural consequences.  Many times I see teens who are obviously misbehaving, and their parents are enabling it!  It harms your kids more than it helps them, even though your intent is good.


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