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About Anne

About Anne

Counseling Methods:

We start with you and your teen each sharing your concerns during the initial assessment. Next we create goals for counseling. Usually counseling is a mixture of individual sessions with your teenager, and some family sessions to help promote and maintain progress. All this is done in a way that helps your teen feel safe and cared for.


My Philosophy:

I believe your teen is uniquely created for a purpose in life, but sometimes teens get stuck while they’re trying to discover this purpose. Counseling is a place to move past these obstacles so your teenager can get back on track.  In order to do this we work on current challenges and we set future goals.  Together we go on a journey of self-discovery that is difficult at times, but very rewarding.

Because I am a Christian, and because I have worked with many addicts in recovery (where some form of spirituality is a cornerstone of treatment), I feel comfortable weaving faith and spirituality into counseling sessions if you and your teen would like that included.


Why Teens Love Working With Me:

I don’t sugarcoat; I’m firm but fair; I’m not judgmental. Your teen has the space to think through their own challenges in an environment where they are respected.  Teens tell me they feel safe to explore options and choices, and they feel their thoughts and opinions are truly heard.


Why I Love Working With Teens:

Teenagers are refreshingly honest. It’s exciting to see your teenager connect the dots even as they navigate a world different from the one you and I grew up in. It is my honor and privilege to join your teenager on their journey toward adulthood.



I have worked with a wide array of teens for nearly a decade.  My experience ranges from victims of abuse and at-risk youth to teens struggling with school and family rules. The clients I am best equipped to work with are those who deal with: substance abuse, alcohol abuse, screen addiction, depression, anxiety, suicidality, cutting, family dynamics, and struggles with social dynamics. I’ve had the privilege of sitting with hundreds of hurting teenagers while they sort through how to make the best of their individual situations.



Cal State Fullerton: Master’s Degree in Counseling

UC Irvine: Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology


License Information:

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California: LMFT # 46764


Contact me at 949-558-1238