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About Ashley

About Ashley

Counseling Methods:

I care deeply about your teen feeling safe and comfortable in therapy. This is the first thing I work on with your family. Once we’ve established trust and comfort, then I work with your teenager on setting and meeting counseling goals. There are many techniques we can use to help your teen accomplish this. The beautiful thing about therapy is it is a collaborative process between your teenager, you as a parent, and me as your teen’s therapist. We will make small adjustments as needed because meeting the needs of your individual child is extremely important to me.

My Philosophy:

Your teenager is at a time in life where there is tremendous personal growth. It is my belief that therapy should help facilitate that growth in the healthiest way possible. It’s a place for your teenager to learn how to manage many different circumstances. Your teen will have countless challenges in life, and I want each child who comes through my doors to have tangible tools. As a therapist for teenagers, I feel both honored and blessed to come alongside your child as he or she overcomes life’s obstacles. My goal is for your teen have a place of peace, understanding, and encouragement.

Why Teens Love Working With Me:

Teenagers love working with me because I genuinely try to have each teen feel listened to, cared about, and that he or she is understood, which helps your teen see a path forward. Teens also love working with me because I still remember what it feels like. Sitting with someone who can empathize with your teen creates safety. I remember thoughts of the future being overwhelming as I tried to figure out my purpose in life. I’m here to join your teen in that journey as they unravel their purpose. This will foster hope. Hope is an incredibly powerful positive emotion, which we leverage to help your teen have an enjoyable, productive time in therapy.

Why I Love Working With Teens:

I love working with teens because I get to grow with them and be part of their journey. It’s fun! Teens are real, and they are honest, which is refreshing. It’s a great honor and joy when the trust is built, and they realize they are free to express themselves without judgement. I am also thoroughly blessed to have a front row seat as their personal identity begins to develop and flourish.


I have had the pleasure of working with children, teens, and families for many years in several settings. Some of the settings I have worked in have included therapy for families and children in crisis, counseling to improve family connections, individual sessions with teens and children, and parenting sessions. This work has taught me that every client’s needs is different. While some people come to process painful traumas from the past, others need to focus on developing coping skills for the present moment. My experience has taught me that building trust is one of the most important first steps in therapy, and good trust enables my teen clients to better communicate what each one needs.

Education and Special Skills:

California Baptist University: Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology
California Baptist University: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Fluent in both English and Spanish.
Trauma Certification in Process

License Information:

I am licensed in the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist: MFT License # 139280