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About Brittany

About Brittany

Counseling Methods:

I want to collaborate with you and your teen to find the root of their struggle. Your child is feeling this way for a reason, and together we will journey to discover how they got here. We explore some of the past so we can make the future better. We work together to find the tools necessary to get through this. I work to help your teen learn better ways of coping along the way.


My Philosophy:

Many teens experience unnecessary guilt, blame, and shame; I believe it is important to help them release those emotions. I want your son or daughter to see why they are loved and help them attain assurance in who they are. I deeply believe in your child’s value and I want nothing more than for your child to believe it too.

For some, this is best understood through the lens of faith. I feel comfortable working within a faith framework if you would like that to be part of counseling.


Why Teens Love Working With Me:

Teens love working with me because they have a sense that I see them for who they really are. They feel unconditional acceptance from me even while we are working to make changes in their life.


Why I Love Working With Teens:

I love working with teens because they are so honest and authentic; they get right down to the point. Their combination of humor and complete frankness is refreshing.



I have worked with teens since I was in college (over 10 years ago): through church, camps, conferences, rehabs, and counseling. I have training to comfortably work with children ranging from 9-18 years of age through experiential therapy, using art, play, and talk therapy. I have also worked with adults who struggle with addiction issues in a rehab facility.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in youth ministry at a 17,000-member church in Newport Beach, CA.


Education and Certifications:

Liberty University: Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling
Cedarville University: Bachelor’s Degree
Basic EMDR (a technique that can be helpful for trauma)
Narrative Trauma Therapy Certification


License Information:

I am licensed in the state of California as a Professional Clinical Counselor: LPCC # 12132


You can reach me at 949-966-5898.