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Panic is overwhelming and terrifying.

Panic is overwhelming and terrifying.

I think this poem someone wrote adequately sums up how someone feels who suffers from Panic Attacks.

Mental Illness Poem

Just wrote how I felt when I have a panic attack.

Panic Disorder

© Brittany
Tightness in my chest
I cant breath.
The only time I can escape
is when I fall asleep.Constant nausea
constant fear.
How did this happen
knowing I’m safe here?It’s a constant worry
another will strike.
I worry about it all the time
it makes me lose my appetite.My sight darkens
my life flashes.
My worries control my thoughts
my heart crashes and burns to ashes.You have no idea what its like
to live one day in my shoes.
Maybe if you did
you wouldn’t judge me as you do.

Source: Panic Disorder, Mental Illness Poem


Panic Disorder is miserable for the teens and adults who deal with it.  Panic attacks can be so frightening that people truly think they might be having a heart attack or dying.  Many cause severe enough physical symptoms to land someone in the emergency room.  If your adolescent is dealing with panic attacks, they need some help.  This means for whatever reason, their anxiety has moved beyond their control.  Try your best to be really sensitive to them, and yet don’t allow them to start avoiding places they would normally go.  Although that feels better in the moment, it increases anxiety overall.


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