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Knowing when to help a teenager who isn’t getting homework done is tricky.  Some kids aren’t doing it because they don’t comprehend it, and they don’t know how to tell you that.  Those kids need your help.


Other adolescents aren’t getting their homework done just because they don’t feel like doing it.  As parents it’s our job to teach them how to complete tasks they don’t want to do.  An unfortunate part of life is that we all have to pay a price to win; we all have to do things we don’t enjoy in order to be successful.


As a therapist who works with teenagers, I hear the question about homework all the time.  My answer usually is something to the effect of,  “Allowing natural consequences is best.”  If your teen is someone who won’t enjoy getting a F or a 0 on as assignment, then let him or her fail.  It only takes one bad experience to learn a very valuable lesson.  If your teenager truly doesn’t care about school or success at all, then there are different issues and you might consider setting up a therapy appointment.


Here are some quick thoughts on allowing kids to experience small failures in school:

Should you help your teenager if they’re not doing their homework?

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