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Providing hope for Struggling Teens & Parents

Counseling For Struggling Teens and Parents

Adolescents face a lot of struggles:

To name a few examples, teenagers are challenged with social awkwardness, family problems, choosing a path after high school, and starting to have adult emotions.  They often still lack the tools to effectively manage these challenges.

Teens have a lot to deal with these days:

There is pressure at school.  A large number of teens come from divorced homes.  They face peer influence to try sex and drugs.  Teenagers also struggle with issues in friendships and dating relationships.  It is hard for a teenager to regulate their emotional reactions to these challenges, which is where counseling is helpful.

Associated behaviors:

Sometimes these issues can lead to behaviors that frighten a parent. Teens might express irritability. They might feel lonely, or anxious. They may become angry or even rageful. It is possible to see a drop in grades. It is not unusual for these emotions to escalate into more severe problems such as cutting and self-injury, drug or alcohol experimentation, or promiscuity.

If you notice your teen struggling, you might be feeling helpless, hopeless, frustrated or concerned as a parent. Try to remember, there is hope.

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