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Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief and Loss Counseling

Therapy can help your teen through a major loss.


Symptoms of Grief:

Has your teen suffered a significant loss? Does their pain and sorrow seem overwhelming? Does it feel even your best efforts to comfort your teenager aren’t enough? Do you notice your teen withdrawing? Turning down social activities? Often angry? Is your teen experiencing disrupted sleep since their loss?

What is grief?

Grief is the complex emotions that follow a serious loss. Loss is often the death of a loved one but can also be the loss of something central to your teen’s sense of security and identity. While grief is a normal (yet painful) human experience, sometimes it turns into complicated grief. This can last far longer than normal grief, and ultimately lead to Major Depressive Disorder.

How do our therapists help with grief and loss?:

Sometimes you need a counselor to help your teenager through their life-altering loss. Our team draws on a multi-therapeutic approach to best support your teenager through the grief process. We walk with your son or daughter as they begin to understand the various ways their grief has impacted them. We help them prepare for the ways their grief may reemerge in different life stages. Most importantly, we provide a safe and warm space for your teenager to cope with the incredibly difficult and complex emotions stemming from grief and loss.

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