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Build Character in Your Teens, Not Reputation

Character is more important than reputation.Image credit: stockimages at Build Character, Not Reputation Teens (and many adults I'm afraid) are more concerned with building a good reputation than building their character. But, it's more important...

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When Does Anxiety Warrant Therapy?

It can be hard for teens to deal with anxiety on their own.Image courtesy of When to Seek Therapy for Anxiety If your teen is overwhelmed and anxious, it's hard to watch as a parent.  It makes you worry and feel concerned.  You might start to...

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Lower Homework Stress With Better Study Habits

Academics overwhelm every teenager at some point.Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at Why Have Better Study Habits? To Lower Homework Stress! Hi Teenagers, better study habits equals reduced homework stress! Who doesn't want lower homework stress?...

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Effective Listening with Teens

Improve Your Parenting With Effectively Listening with Teens Ever wonder why your teenager doesn't talk to you?  Have you ever missed the days when they were little and they actually shared what they did for the day?  You hear about some of your friends whose teens...

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Teaching integrity to teens

Why Teach Integrity to Teens? We must be teaching integrity to teens because it creates a sense of wholeness. It is a discipline in many religions that prevents us from experiencing internal distress. Likewise, it is hard to be internally incongruent with how we...

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Improving Relationships With Our Teens

Building a Strong Relationship with Your Teens Having a good parent-child relationship with a teenager is an achievable goal.Image courtesy of photostock at Improving relationships with our teens is effort well spent. To some, the idea seems...

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Why do teenagers cut themselves?

  Why Do Teens Self-Harm? If you've recently discovered your teen is self-harming, you have to be wondering, "Why do teenagers cut themselves?" Cutting seems like a somewhat recent phenomenon.  It's been around for a long time, but it has grown in notoriety...

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Codependent with Your Teen Addict

Codependency with an Addicted Teen Feels Painful Are you codependent with your teen addict? How do you ever stop chasing the addicted teen? Almost certainly you have heard the advice that someone must reach rock bottom. But you fear, 'What if rock bottom is death?'...

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Teen Phone Addiction (And Other Issues)

Disciplining Teens Effectively Teen phone addiction is a growing problem, and it sometimes requires consequences to break the cycle. When your kids are little giving consequences is easy.  You sit them in time-out for a few minutes if they misbehave.  If your kids are...

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Hello, I’m Lauren! If you notice your teen struggling, you might be feeling helpless, hopeless, frustrated or concerned as a parent.  Try to remember, there is hopeI want to help your adolescent feel better.  My hope is for them to enjoy their life again.  I want them to feel confident they can handle whatever situations arise.

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