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About Mark

About Mark

My Philosophy:

As a male therapist, I understand the specific dynamics and demands of young men. Today’s society has them confused about what it means to be a man and definitions of masculinity are skewed. The truth is, male stereotypes are just stereotypes and no young man is exactly the same as another. God has gifted them with different skills, talents, and upbringing. Yet, at their core, teen boys yearn to have their lives provide meaning and to connect with others. As parents, you want your son to display honesty, integrity, and morality and to have respect for himself and others. As a therapist for teen boys, I engender trust with young men by showing them that I care about them. I empathize with whatever is bothering them, and have a plan for them to move to the next level.

Why I Love Working With Teens:

Being a young man is not easy. Even the most supportive of families can feel helpless watching their teens grapple with depression, fear, anxiety, comparison, competition, peer pressure, bullying, and aggression. Today’s young men are coming of age in a world of high expectations. This is hard in an increasingly complex environment. External or internal influences such as social media, sexuality, drugs, alcohol, and other factors are converge on them. Even with this, young men are still trying to make sense of their own identities. They have big questions about what their futures will hold. It’s no wonder that nearly half of all adolescents have had a mental health disorder sometime in their lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. As a therapist for teen boys, I believe helping male clients in adolescence will reap benefits in adulthood.

Why Teens Love Working With Me:

Teens are fascinating, and they long to connect with someone who will accept them unconditionally. They want to understand their dreams, quirks, emotions, and physical changes. Even more, they want to make sense of thoughts and feelings they may not understand themselves. I strive to help them process their emerging identities and need for independence. We do this while finding their place in their families, peer groups, schools, and jobs. At the same time, I operate from a place of calm and collaboration. Your teen and I a partner as we chart his future success.

Counseling Methods For Therapy With Teen Boys:

My therapeutic style is to be present and invested in my clients and to see the world from their perspective. Our sessions will be geared toward establishing a supportive relationship in a safe space. With this, we seek to change negative thought patterns. We often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which identifies challenges, sets attainable goals and develops coping strategies. The result is to help your teen build resilience, expand his problem-solving skills, and manage his emotions.


I have extensive experience working with young men to help them to see that everything they need to succeed has already been placed inside them by God. That doesn’t mean that some don’t face enormous challenges placed upon them in their young lives. Many have the added burden of dealing with complex family issues, trauma, substance abuse, attention-deficit disorders, anger issues, and difficult interpersonal relationships. However, with extensive coaching and counseling, I have seen young men thrive! Your teen can live a rich and rewarding life. He can make positive contributions, develop friendships, and discover a new meaning for his future.


Concordia University Irvine: Master’s Degree in Counseling
University of South Carolina: Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

License Information:

I am pre-licensed in the state of California as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC # 15329) under the supervision of Carrie Johnson, LMFT # 85398.


I look forward to partnering with you and your teenager on their journey. Please call me at 949-478-4883 to find out whether individual counseling can help your teen.