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About Carrie

About Carrie

Counseling Methods:

Counseling teenagers is a unique specialty. At this developmental stage, social and academic struggles can often lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. Many times these can be worked through directly. At other times though the stressor isn’t as clear. When this is the case, you may ask what is wrong, but your teen says they don’t know. This can be frustrating for both the parents and teens.

In many cases, teens lack the emotional awareness to identify and communicate what is bothering them. My job is to help teens build the necessary emotional awareness and vocabulary to work through their emotional distress. In a lot of cases it is also helpful for us to collaborate so you can help your teen throughout the week at home.


My Philosophy:

I believe therapy should be a safe place where your teen feels accepted as they are. This enables them to be honest about what is troubling them. Counseling needs to be a place where your teen feels comfortable working out unwanted feelings and behaviors.

Faith can be a powerful resource of hope and healing. Personally, I am a Christian, and I understand the connection between a faith and emotional health. If faith is something you and your teen value, I like to integrate your teen’s spiritual beliefs into the session when appropriate. Having said that, I do not impose my beliefs. I also do not include the faith element in counseling with any client that is not interested in doing so.


Why Teens Love Working With Me:

I am welcoming and approachable. I genuinely want to get to know them. Teens tend to respond well to my authentic interest in understanding them without judgment. I have worked directly with adolescents since 2005 and I’ve learned they appreciate authenticity. I want therapy to be an experience they value and enjoy. It’s so fun for me when a teen who is dragged to therapy by their parents discovers they actually LIKE it! I work hard to give teens a great experience so they will be engaged in the process.


Why I Love Working With Teens:

The adolescent years can be really tough. I thoroughly enjoy walking alongside teens and young adults- offering support as they struggle to make sense of the challenges of this developmental stage. I love helping them build skills they can use throughout their entire life!



I have been working directly with adolescents (aged 13-24) and their families in a variety of settings for over a dozen years. In that time I have carefully helped adolescents walk through SO many different life challenges. While there are issues that are common among teens, every teen needs to be treated as the unique individual they are. I would be honored to come alongside your teen on their journey toward healing and change.

I have been with Teen Therapy OC since 2013. I started as an Associate Therapist, and in the years since have worked my way all the way up to Clinical Director. As the Clinical Director at Teen Therapy OC, I work very hard to keep up to date on effective treatment protocols in order to best help you and your teen. I also meet regularly with the other therapists on staff to help them increase their clinical knowledge and abilities. Personal and professional growth is my passion, and that translates to better care for you and your teen.



Vanguard University: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Chapman University: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work.


License Information:

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California: LMFT # 85398.


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