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About Carrie

About Carrie

Counseling Methods:

After many years of working with adolescents, parents, and high achievers of all ages, I have learned that every individual is different, and I take time to really understand your experience. Getting to know the context of your struggle is very imoprtant to me.

I am not a therapist who simply dispenses generic advice. That’s called lazy therapy. What is helpful for one client, doesn’t work for another, so I like to tailor sessions to your specific needs.

I’m the type of therapist that takes the time to really listen to you. Then together we collaborate so you can feel stronger and more equipped to live the life you want.


My specialties include: 1. Helping older adolescents (ages 18-24) transition to adulthood 2. Guiding parents through their kids’ adolescent years 3. Helping high achievers (ages 18+) who are struggling with stress, anxiety and/or depression.

My Philosophy:

Therapy should be a safe, comfortable place where you feel accepted as you are so that you can be honest about what is troubling you. You need to feel heard, understood, and comfortable to work out unwanted feelings and behaviors. Counseling gives you room to process your struggles and related emotions.

My job is to walk alongside you as you navigate changes. That process is often scary because it is not normally a straight path. I want to be there for you while you negotiate this journey.

Faith can be a powerful resource of hope and healing. Personally, I am a Christian and I understand the connection between personal faith and emotional health. I like to integrate your spiritual beliefs into the session when appropriate. Having said that, I do not impose my beliefs and I do not force the faith element onto anyone who is not interested in doing so.

Why Clients Love Working With Me:

I’m welcoming and approachable. I believe therapy is most effective when you and I have a great working relationship. There are times when we laugh and celebrate in session and there are times when we cry. I work hard to give you a powerful, yet enjoyable experience in therapy.

Also, I do not pressure clients. You know yourself, so I trust you to set the pace. I encourage you and I give you tools, but you make the decisions. My clients know I never judge them as they work out their path. They feel empowered and supported at the same time.


I have been working directly with adolescents (ages 13-24) and their parents in a variety of settings since 2005. In that time, I have carefully helped clients walk through SO many different life challenges. While there are issues that are common amongst individuals in our culture, everyone is different and needs to be treated as the unique individual they are. Thus, I am honored to come alongside you as you journey toward healing and change!

Another thing to note is that I enjoy working with adults as much as teenagers. Much of my training with adults clients focuses on those who lose themselves in people pleasing and perfectionism. Some people are terrified of disappointing others and making mistakes. It is hard to live feeling free when constantly worried about not living up to impossible, self-imposed expectations.

My experience as a therapist lends itself well to challenges associated with fears of letting others down. If that is you, please call me. We can make good progress towards you finding out what you think, what you enjoy, and what you want (even if someone out there doesn’t approve).


Vanguard University: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Chapman University: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work.

In 2018 I completed my basic EMDR training (a technique that can be helpful in overcoming trauma). I use this with clients when appropriate.

License Information:

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California: LMFT # 85398.

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