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About Diana

About Diana

Counseling Methods:

Long-term change comes easier and lasts longer when teens and their family collaborate. Then everyone is involved in making positive changes together.

We work as a team to come up with goals that fit your teen’s needs. I like to involve parents/caregivers/family as much as necessary to achieve their goals.

Creating rapport is the first step in therapy. Nothing beneficial happens until your child and I establish trust.

Secondly, we define the problem(s) clearly. Charles Kettering reportedly said, “A problem well stated is half solved.” This makes so much sense! When your teenager can clearly state what is happening and why, it is a lot clearer what steps to take.

Finally, we plan out and execute the plan for healing. This takes time and usually requires a few adjustments, but together we can accomplish a lot!

My Philosophy:

Therapy is meant to be a place where clients are listened to, supported, and encouraged, but also challenged. I strive to create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where teens’ feelings are validated – where they experience the emotional safety to communicate and face issues that are really important to them.

Why Teens Love Working With Me:

I am genuinely interested in getting to know your teen. Teenagers appreciate my nurturing and gentle approach in walking alongside them as they reach for their goals during therapy. We partner together to create trusting relationships through honest interactions.

Also, many teens appreciate that I speak softly and kindly. It is important for your teenager to have dignity in the counseling room no matter what your teen is facing in life. My teenage clients know I have unconditional regard for them while still being honest about areas of growth. This makes for a trusting and fruitful relationship.

Why I Love Working With Teens:

I love that there are so many different ways to work with teens in session – we talk, we play, we draw, we cry, we laugh, sometimes all in one session! Although I’ve worked with teens for years, it still amazes me how adaptable and resilient they are. It’s amazing to witness their openness to growth and willingness to challenge themselves.


My background includes work with a diverse population of children and teens. Before coming to Teen Therapy OC, I spent several years doing therapy at agencies, schools, and even private homes.

While I work with adolescents on many issues, some examples include working through traumatic experiences, finding ways to cope with depression, managing stress/anxiety, and increasing self-esteem. Before beginning my career as a therapist, I also spent time working with children in teaching and mentoring positions.


University of Southern California: Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

University of California, Irvine: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Behavior

License Information:

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California: MFT #109007.

Contact me at 714-489-5634