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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”-Mattie Stepanek


Teen Group Therapy:

Is your teenager struggling with anxiety? Does your teen seem to struggle in social situations? Does your teen want to make better connections but doesn’t seem to know how? Do you feel your teen would benefit from therapy, but you also worry that 1:1 therapy might feel too direct? Group therapy can be of tremendous benefit in any of these situations.

How is group therapy different?

  • Adolescents learn from watching peers work through similar problems.
  • Teens gain support, courage, and encouragement from one other to grow.
  • The group therapist helps facilitate kind and honest feedback from other group members.
  • Teens are more likely to make changes when they feel a sense of belonging to a group.
  • Teens experience a lot of relief when they find out they aren’t alone in their feelings and experiences.
  • Adolescents improve and practice their social skills within a safe, supportive group environment.
  • Adolescents learn how to show empathy, listen, and provide compassion.

What are some common concerns with group therapy?

You might feel worried your teen will meet another group member who is a bad influence. Every effort is made to keep the focus of the group on positive ways to cope. Teens are also asked not to socialize outside group during the weeks the group is running.

You also might feel concern that your teen won’t like the therapist or other group members. The group therapist pre-screens group members to try and form a cohesive group, but if your teen still doesn’t like other group members, it’s an opportunity for your teen to explore some of what keeps him/her from close relationships. A lot of learning to deal with anxiety is learning to tolerate distress and discomfort instead of running from it. It’s our hope that your teenager loves their group experience with us, but even if they don’t, there is something to be gained.

Another thing that is harder in group therapy than individual therapy is confidentiality. Every group member agrees to keep group confidentiality, and the group therapist emphasizes the importance of this. Even still, there is a chance another group member might break the group’s confidentiality.

A final concern is what to do if your teen still wants therapy once group ends. At that point, your teen will either be placed in a subsequent group, offered a slot with an individual counselor, or given appropriate referrals if they are wanting to continue counseling.

Cost of Group Therapy:

Group therapy is much less expensive than individual therapy! An initial 50 minute individual evaluation session will be conducted prior to group starting to make sure your teen is a good fit for group, to help your teen feel comfortable with the group therapist, and for the therapist to make sure he/she knows your teen’s goals (so the therapist can focus some of group on that area). The cost of this session varies and is the price of the therapist’s individual session fee (ranging from $210-$285, depending on the therapist leading group). The cost of group is $125 per 60 minute group therapy session. TTOC runs a closed-group format, which means new members can only join every 5 weeks. This is to help group closeness and cohesiveness. Those who opt to pay for all 5 groups in advance will pay the discounted rate of $500. TTOC does maintain some low-fee slots, so please ask if one is available if you have financial need.


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