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What’s Happening This Week? Listening Really Is An Art

Through conversations with teens this week I have come to believe most of us don't listen to them. I know that's cliche. I also happen to think it's true. We don't listen to each other. How many people do you know who truly focus on what you're saying as you're saying...

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Group Therapy for Teens

Hooray! We now have in-person group therapy! This has been a long time coming. Many teens benefit from hearing what their peers have to say (when an adult is present to moderate). This is such a nice option to offer for your families because some teens have things to...

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Update on PTSD Treatment

Last month was kind enough to offer a free class on treatment for PTSD in veterans in honor of Veteran's Day. I learned so much from this class that I've changed my strategy in dealing with trauma in general. While we rarely work with veterans at Teen...

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Eating Disorder Treatment for Teens

Eating disorders are so nasty! They are cruel, unkind, and abusive to their victims. They take over a person's relationships, personality, ambitions, and dreams until you find your teen is a shell of her former self. I should know...I had one for 7 years. Now I help...

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Isolation at School

I have heard more isolation stories from clients starting school last week than in all my previous years of practice (14). One teen told me how she plans to sit in the library for lunch. Another told me he is never invited to anything with his so-called "friends." A...

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Your Teens Are Watching You- 3 Things You Must Model Well

1. Faith in God: If faith is important to you, then you have to model it, not just say it.  It is easy to say something like, "I don't want to force my kid to believe a certain thing.  I'll let them decide when they grow up."  In the meanwhile you don't really expose...

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Hello, I’m Lauren! If you notice your teen struggling, you might be feeling helpless, hopeless, frustrated or concerned as a parent.  Try to remember, there is hopeI want to help your adolescent feel better.  My hope is for them to enjoy their life again.  I want them to feel confident they can handle whatever situations arise.

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