Drug and alcohol addiction in adolescents

I think this poem really captures the pain an addict faces each and every day.


© Cody

Published on September 2008


Another day of life by the drop.
I pray to lord, help me stop.

I awake in pain, feeling shame.
Knowing soon again I’ll play the game.

For the brief second with my self.
Before I walk over to that shelf.

I stop and think of all the things I do.
And the people I hurt while drinking booze.

I grip the bottle o’ so tight.
I won’t let go until the night.

All these thoughts rush through my head.
Loves and pride and things I once said.

I know it’s from the former me.
The one that can no longer be.

It hits me hard, I cannot cope.
So drink until I start to choke..

Day to day, I live like this.
High to high and kiss to kiss.

I hope one day, the drunk will let me out.
And never again will I drink and shout.

Until that time I’ll drown and hate.
I just hope that’s not my final fate.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/drinking-into-the-night#ixzz3yJVqW9Wy


Addiction and alcohol abuse in teenagers is a jail.  If your teen is struggling with drug use, please get them help.  It’s not as simple as “just stopping.”  It’s a huge and tormenting challenge to become and remain sober.


Helping teens grow and families improve connection,

Lauren Goodman, MS, MFT

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